We handle your International Office Operations.

We save you time and money. An operations office makes it possible to function internationally more effectively, and International Facilitators Plus makes it affordable and easy to set up and operate on your behalf. 

We Handle Daily Operations

Our team will answer dedicated phone lines in the name of your organization, handle the paperwork, accounting, and all other day-to-day functions involved with your international office. We handle the overhead, management, and staffing of all onsite international operations.

Get International Representation

Our international offices can be used as a centralized operations facility for your organization’s international activities within the nation of their location. It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization is, if you need representation internationally, International Facilitators Plus can provide the structure and framework to make it happen.

Establish an International Office

International Facilitators Plus takes care of all specific requirements of your international presence so you can remain focused on your mission. We operate on your behalf as a seamless extension of your organization outside domestic borders, saving you time and money.

Infrastructure Services

International Facilitators Plus provides the required services facilitating daily International Office Operations Administration & Management. Our team understand what it takes to make a positive, productive impact on the world outside your local demographic. We will handle the provision of the infrastructure services you require, including the full scale set-up and ongoing operations of your International Office Operations.


Overseas Projects

In order to expand an operation to another country or region, you’ll not only need a localized Administrative Office to work from, but the right staff to oversee the day-to-day operations. That’s where International Facilitators Plus comes in. We can set up your operation where we have strategically located international offices.

Centralized Operations

Our international offices are strategically located to serve the ever-changing global economy. From Australia and South Africa, to the UK and Canada. With plans in place for future development and expansion into other regions of the world. Our offices can be used as a centralized operations facility for your organization’s international activities. From here we handle daily operations, management, staffing, and other necessary requirements.