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International Facilitators Plus is an extension of you and your organization.

We Empower

International Facilitators Plus provides a framework with all the needed services for the daily operations of an organization reaching beyond its domestic borders.

We Facilitate

We support organizations big and small by assisting with administration, finances, legal and taxation compliance, event planning, ongoing management, product/resource fulfillment, mail distribution and so much more.

We Enable

We enable your organization to reach out internationally by handling the day-to-day international operations administration and management details on your behalf.

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We enable you to expand by providing proven structured framework and guidance.

Office Operations

An international operations office makes it possible to function internationally more effectively, and International Facilitators Plus makes it affordable and easy to set up and operate on your behalf.

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Vendor Relations

Establishing and maintaining strength of dependable and cost effective relationship in this area of International Operations is part of what we do. This will help improve your overall operations by having us manage your multiple vendors.

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We offer management consulting services on various projects for organizations worldwide to help facilitate expansion or downsizing. If you’re just starting up or downsizing, we can offer direction and resources to help your organization make the right steps.

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If your organization was a machine, International Facilitators Plus would be the parts that keep it moving forward in the right direction.

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