Donor Services

Your donors are incredibly important. Donor services are a fundamental part of what we do. From assisting with the management of culturally and politically applicable correspondence to the required data security, with your ongoing assistance, we assist with every aspect of your donor infrastructure.

Server Security

We assist in the safety of your server. We provide a secure facility that is constantly available for monitoring and updating by your IT staff. This secure storage facility is equipped with state-of-the-art fire redundancy, temperature monitoring, smoke detection, alarm system, and is video monitored 24/7.   

Data Management

International Facilitators Plus will work as a valuable member of your team to make sure your donor information is constantly updated. We take storing and managing of personal information very seriously. 

Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance is important. As privacy compliance changes from country to country, we can assist you in the way information is stored and handled to make sure compliance is achieved.