International Facilitators Plus serves as an extension of you and your organization.

We are a full service operations administration and management company focused on helping non-profit organizations do what they do best, saving them time and money.

We Empower

International Facilitators Plus provides a framework and all the needed services for the daily operations of an organization reaching beyond its domestic borders.

We Enable

We enable your organization to reach out internationally by handling the day-to-day international operations administration and management details on your behalf.

We Facilitate

We support organizations big and small by handling finances, legal and taxation compliance, event planning, product/resource fulfillment, mail distribution and so much more.

About International Facilitators Plus

We pull from a vast wealth of experience gained from working over 30 years with non-profit organizations around the world.

International Facilitators Plus serves as an extension of you and your organization.

Since 1984, we’ve been enabling organizations, globally. Our operations team have worked on many levels to empower our clients by providing quality facilitator services for their organizations. We simplify and streamline everything, so you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day details, as well as many other functions. This means we handle accounting, compliance, data entry, response processing, and many other functions. We can save your international operation time and money, letting you focus on your organization’s purpose.

If your organization was a machine, International Facilitators Plus would be the parts that keep it moving forward in the right direction.