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International Facilitators Plus can help you manage multiple vendor relations.

Vendor relations is an incredibly important part of your overall operation. In order to sell or offer services to a global economy or connect with vendors to support your non-profit endeavor, effective and efficient vendor relationships must be built and constantly maintained. Establishing and maintaining strength of dependable relationships in this area of International Operations is part of what we do on your behalf.

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Improving Customer Service

Let us handle the hard work of sourcing out and vetting the type of quality vendors that can be relied upon to deliver exactly what is needed at the right time. We’ve dealt with a wide range of vendors over our 30 years of experience, building trusted vendor relationships for our clients, globally.

Increase Market Development

International Facilitators Plus knows what it takes and provides for all that is required to facilitate complete daily operations. Vendor relations is one of many services we provide. Our vendor relations management aims to provide our clients with the best way to engage with the right vendors at the right price point.

Improve Cost Efficiency

We save you time and money by handling the billing and finances of a vendor relationship, as well as the communication between our clients and the vendor. We understand the marketplace well, making International Facilitators Plus an essential partner to the success of your organization.

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