Positioning You Right With The Public

International Facilitators Plus can help. We will provide your organization with the framework and necessary foundation needed to get you noticed. We won’t just promote you, we will work with you to be sure all promotions target the right people for your organization

Promotional Campaigns

We can assist with the management of product promotional campaigns through multifaceted advertising, product management, and graphic design.

Direct Mail

We can help with direct mail coordination from responding to and sending from, as well as assisting with constant updating of all donor information through data entry.

Press Releases

Press releases help by targeting an audience with specific information on an event or project. We can help manage it’s creation and how it’s delivered.

Television & Radio

We place TV programming, radio programming, adverts, and live mentions in effective markets around the world. 

Print Material

We can assist with the design, content, and delivery of print media products for domestic and international markets.

Graphic Design

We can help your organization through branding and graphic design from print media, logos, and all forms of digital media.

Making It Happen

We assist you in the development of an effective strategic marketing plan to help you establish a more responsive reaction from your audience. A more positive reaction from your audience means a deeper level of long term relationship and increased interaction with you and your organization.

Printed communication and e-communication are other ways we can help you to reach your partners and donors. We can assist you in sending printed communication out with specific content and messages tailored for your mission or project. 

Our marketing team will assist you in the managing of your various promotions, so you can focus on what matters most: the mission.